Briefly in English


  • 30 years old, working as a parliamentary assistant to Minister of Finance Matti Vanhanen and Member of the Parliament Hanna Kosonen from Centre party (currently on family leave)
  • Master of Social Sciences in European Politics from the University of Helsinki
  • Candidate in the municipal elections in Espoo in 2021 (Centre party).
  • I ran for the first time in municipal elections in Espoo in 2017. I got 403 votes and got elected as substitute member in Espoo city council and member in the city planning committee.
  • In parliamentary elections in 2019, I got 904 votes in Uusimaa region.
  • Husband Niklas, a toddler born in  2018, and a baby born in 2020.
  • We live in Latokaski, Espoo
  • My hobbies are orienteering, sports in general, traveling and reading
  • I’m an active citizen: I have experience e.g. from the inhabitant association of Latokaski as well as from several sports, youth, and student organizations
  • I have studied in four countries (Finland, Sweden, Germany, USA) and I know seven languages (Finnish, Swedish, English and German fluently, basics in French, and a good reading and listening comprehension in Norwegian and Danish)
  • Previously, I have worked e.g. as communications consultant, assistant to a Centre party MP in the Finnish parliament, freelancer journalist, in sales and customer service, and as a coach in youth and children’s sports camps
  • I come originally from Nokia. I went to a sports high school in Tampere.


  1. More well-being in the daily life: I want to solve the problems with mold infested schools, save the forests and nature all around Espoo and secure the maintenance and new construction of sports facilities around Espoo.
  2. More community in the daily life: I want the inhabitants of Espoo to have more say in the city planning, secure after school clubs for first and second graders, and help combat the loneliness of the elderly. I also want to promote entrepreneurship.
  3. A more smooth daily life: I want to create an extensive and safe bike lane network, have cheaper public transport and a well-functioning park+ride system next to the railway and metro stations.